Valores de consumo de combustible y emisiones de Urus - Consumo de combustible en ciclo combinado: 12,7 l/100km ; Emisiones de CO₂ en ciclo combinado: 325 g/km

Urus in Pills: “Sophisticated Lifestyle”


Urus’ lifestyle attitude finds expression in the utmost comfortable and luxurious on-board experience. 
The panoramic  sunroof will give a sense of open-air and freedom to all passengers hosted by the elegant four-seat configuration while relaxing on seats equipped with massage and ventilation. Fine wood and leather interiors make the cabin cozy and sophisticated, and it is further adorned by customizable ambient lighting. A cutting-edge sound system and full-aluminum speaker grills with unique design and acoustic lens technology offering an immersive 3D sound experience further enhance the pleasure of the journey.

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